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Small change for climate change: Why research funding to save the world needs to be drastically stepped up

16 January 2020

Between 1990 and 2018, less than 4.59% of the global funding totalling more than $1.3 trillion was spent on climate-related research.

Unused stockpiles of nuclear waste could be more useful than we might think, according to new study

一本道最新高清无码10 January 2020

一本道最新高清无码Sussex chemists have found a new use for the waste product of nuclear power; a breakthrough which could help reduce the burden of large-scale storage.

Feeling full happens in the brain as well as the stomach: Sussex professor explains in new podcast

9 January 2020

Feeling full is more complex than consuming enough nutrients or filling-up with large volumes of food as Martin Yeomans explains in the podcast

Italians take vow of chastity when the Pope is in town

一本道最新高清无码7 January 2020

一本道最新高清无码Italians have less sex when the Pope visits their town because they feel guilty about possible abortions.

Sustainable supply of minerals and metals key to a low-carbon energy future

3 January 2020

The low-carbon revolution could be at risk without new international agreements to ensure a sustainable supply of rare minerals and metals.

Take part in Dry January and you’ll reap the benefits for months, Sussex research shows

一本道最新高清无码27 December 2019

一本道最新高清无码Research from the University of Sussex shows that people who take part in Dry January are still drinking less six months later.

As Sussex research programme ends, findings continue to influence policy on migration and poverty

18 December 2019

一本道最新高清无码The Migrating out of Poverty Research Programme has investigated the role of migration and poverty across ten countries in the global South.

Parties’ election promises on trade are incoherent and unachievable

6 December 2019

一本道最新高清无码The political party manifestos in this General Election are incoherent and vague on trade and contain a number of unachievable targets.

Global levels of biodiversity could be lower than we think, new study warns

2 December 2019

Biodiversity could be in a worse state than we think, as assessments fail to account for long-lasting impacts of abrupt land changes.

Sussex awarded £1m for contributions to global science project aiming to improve our understanding of the universe

21 November 2019

The University of Sussex is to provide essential contributions to DUNE, which aims to provide insight into the origin of matter in the universe.

Climate change already damaging health of world's children, according to Lancet report

14 November 2019

A new report, co-authored by experts at the University of Sussex, warns about the health impact of climate change on the world’s children.

Calling Princess Leia: How the out-of-this-galaxy Star Wars hologram just became a step closer to reality

一本道最新高清无码13 November 2019

Academics have come the closest yet to recreating one of the most iconic of Star Wars technology; holograms that can be seen,heard and felt.

New report reveals true impact of insect apocalypse and calls for urgent action

一本道最新高清无码13 November 2019

A report by a Sussex Professor warns that if insect declines aren't halted, ecosystems will collapse with ‘profound consequences for human wellbeing’.

Scientists develop adhesive which can be unstuck in a magnetic field, reducing landfill waste

5 November 2019

一本道最新高清无码An adhesive which can debond within a magnetic field could help reduce waste by offering a way to recycle products usually sent to landfill.

Border posts at Gretna Green? Loosening food safety legislation could put Union under serious strain

3 November 2019

Border posts could be required at Gretna Green and the Severn Bridge if regional standards in food safety open up after Brexit.

Performance based on real attack forms part of endeavour to rise against extremism through the arts

一本道最新高清无码31 October 2019

一本道最新高清无码A University of Sussex Professor is promoting the use of the arts to counter extremism and fanaticism.

New book offers alternative interpretation of iconic Rainbow Portrait & challenges myths of Elizabethan England

一本道最新高清无码18 October 2019

一本道最新高清无码A book by a Sussex Professor offers a new interpretation of the iconic Rainbow Portrait of Elizabeth I.

Banning out-of-hours email likely to be harmful to some employees, new study finds

一本道最新高清无码15 October 2019

一本道最新高清无码Company bans on workers’ accessing emails after office hours could do more harm than good to employee wellbeing, a new study suggests.

On the trail of Annie Brassey

11 October 2019

Sussex researcher explores the vast archives of a celebrated 19th century female photographer, traveller and writer.

Financial crises cause one-step forward, two steps back when it comes to air quality

一本道最新高清无码11 October 2019

New research has revealed that any initial reduction in air pollution caused by a financial crisis, is unexpectedly short-lived.

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